Picture this

Your child is on the floor with a fun cake right in front of him, an out- stretched hand just inches away from a fist-full of icing and a huge smile. Then the other emotions start to appear, curiosity, exploration and fun all there in front of our very eyes as our hearts begin to melt.

My first introduction into cake smash photography came when I was studying photography. I was looking back amongst the images I had taken before I went pro. The pictures were old but cute, so I studied the photos, asking myself what I could do to improve them or spice them up a little.

The internet is an amazing encyclopedia, I soon found that America have been cake smashing with children for years and my idea was not  an original one.

Cake smashing is usually done around the child’s first birthday, and the photos are often used on the first birthday party invitations. It’s often the first time the child has eaten cake, and the first time they’ve been allowed to do whatever they want with it. It could be face-painting, putting icing in their hair or knocking the whole thing over whilst crawling in it.

The dress code is a tough choice, you will want your child to look great for the photo’s.Whatever they’re wearing will end up covered in cake and icing, so fancy clothing may not be your first choice. I would suggest a change of clothes as advisable.

The cake is the best part… you can put as much or as little effort as you want. A giant cupcake with lots of butter icing and sprinkle’s for maximum mess works really well. But prepare the cake… don’t bring the cake straight from the fridge and set it in front of baby, the icing and cold cake may make it too hard for baby to grab and they may lose interest. A room-temperature cake smashes best.

Warning; If you choose coloured icing decoration, avoid red. Red icing mixed with baby drool can end up looking like blood which is not the look we are after!


If you would like to book a “cake smash” you can contact me on:

Mobile- 07733118970
Email- gailbraznell@reflectedimages.co.uk

Prices are £100 for a shoot with all high resolution images available to download for free from my website. Cake is not provided !

Quality prints, canvas, framed prints and merchandise is  also available from the website.

Cake smashes are available for all ages, so even the adults can have fun
 with this one if they fancy it.


Gail Braznell